Job title: Reverse logistics expert pays $2.6 million for a small office in Sydney

Pls logistics specialist pays $1.9 million for small office, the Courier-Mail has revealed.

It’s the second of four properties the man bought for himself, after his wife bought a $600,000 mansion in Sydney’s CBD.

The couple, who are both from Melbourne, live in a two-bedroom home in the suburb of Westmead with their two young children, two cats and two dogs.

Their house is valued at $1 million, but Mr Jones, 42, told the newspaper his wife and children had paid about $1m to buy the house.

“We just bought it for a reason,” he said.

He said the $1million price tag was a “pretty good price”.

“It’s about $700,000, it’s a really nice house,” he added.

“We’re not going to complain.

It’s nice.”

Mr Jones said his wife was still in Sydney, but he had recently bought a house in the area.

The couple’s daughter, Emily, lives with them.

Mr Jones is a reverse logistics expert for Pls Logistics, a reverse warehouse logistics company.

Pls Logics also provides logistics services for companies like Amazon, Netflix and Nike.

They also handle construction, construction management and supply chain logistics.

The company says its main focus is “reverse logistics” and has over 30 branches around the world.

Mr Jones told the Courier Mail he had been a member of the company since its founding in 2013.

But he is now looking to move his business to the Gold Coast, and said he was looking for “a very good location”.

“I just feel very strongly about this, I’m not the first person to have this thought,” he told the paper.

“I know it’s expensive, but it’s worth it.”

The company currently operates in seven Australian states and territories.