Which airline is hiring the best for its employees?

Which airline is hiring the best for its employees?

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday that it will hire more than 10,000 more flight attendants and ground crew over the next two years as it seeks to boost its capacity to handle more passengers.

The FAA said the hiring of ground and air crews will result in a net increase of about 3,000 flight attendants in the next decade.

It said it will also recruit about 2,500 more flight engineers.

For its part, American Airlines has said it has an excess of about 7,000 workers for its new regional hub in New York City and will be hiring up to 10,400 more workers over the coming years.

Airlines across the U.K. and France are also hiring at a brisk pace.

Last month, French airline AAL Group said it had hired 1,500 additional staff over the past year, while the German carrier DHL said it would add about 6,500 new employees.

And in December, French telecoms giant Orange said it planned to hire 5,000 additional staff in the coming year.

In the U, the airline industry is in the midst of a new hiring frenzy.

Airline executives say they are in a rush to get planes into the air and make the skies safer for people and planes.