How to get the job done with Navy logistics specialists

How to get the job done with Navy logistics specialists

The Navy’s logistics specialists are a key element of the Navy’s warfighting strategy.

In the wake of the war, the service’s fleet of logistics specialists has been struggling to adapt to the changing threat environment.

The navy is currently using the logistics specialists to help with logistics of air, sea and ground forces, which are all crucial to the Navy in the future.

However, the logistics specialist is still relatively new to the frontline and has to learn how to deal with the new realities of warfare.

The Navy says its personnel have been trained in the current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and are ready to face the realities of the next war.

The training will be delivered over the next six months.

The sailors are expected to have the skills and abilities to respond to the new challenges of the future, Defence Minister David Johnston said on Wednesday.

The sailors will also learn how they can help the Navy prepare for future operations and how they will fit into the Navy plan for the future that has been put forward in the wake a military review.

Navy chief of naval operations Admiral Scott Swift said the sailors would learn about the Navy and its future operations, including how to conduct intelligence gathering and provide information to commanders.

He said the Navy was confident in its personnel, which included naval officers and enlisted sailors, who had been trained and tested to prepare for the war in Iraq.

“The Navy is working closely with the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Government and the Department of Defence to ensure we have a highly trained, professional, well-rounded and professional force ready to take on the challenges of future conflict,” Admiral Swift said.

General Jonathan Vance, head of the Joint Staff, said the Defence Force would be providing training to the personnel in the coming months.

I think it’s the best chance we have to ensure the best and most capable people to meet the challenges we face in the 21st century.

General Jonathan Vance Commander Joint Staff Source: ABC News | Duration: 10min | Format: video, audio

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