When a drone drops an Amazon gift card and you have to take it to the post office

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about drones is the sheer number of them.

But one of the largest drones in the world, the $4 million Echo Spot, is getting a second life in Australia, and the company that makes it, Amazon, is taking advantage of the moment.

Amazon has just announced that the Echo Spot will be delivered to an Australian post office.

If you’re not familiar with what an Echo Spot is, the device, which looks similar to a Google Home speaker, uses an infrared camera to track the location of your voice.

When the Echo spot hears the sound of a person talking, it will ask you to confirm your location and then respond with an image.

It can then deliver the item to you.

The Echo Spot uses the same technology that’s used to track Amazon’s Echo speakers in the U.S., which can be found in a range of Amazon-branded products.

Amazon says it’s a much safer way of sending information to a post office because it doesn’t have to deal with any additional risks from a drone crash.

Amazon also has other Amazon-related products available to ship through its warehouses.

One of them, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, can be used to stream Amazon video to the Echo.