How to handle the fallout from the Bluegrass State Convention and Exposition

How to handle the fallout from the Bluegrass State Convention and Exposition

Bnsf Logistics and International Logistics are the two companies that were among the biggest beneficiaries of the Blue Grass State Convention & Exposition, which is coming up this weekend in Lexington.

Bnsf is the largest logistics company in the world, having grown to be the largest provider of logistics services for the amusement park and entertainment complex.

Its operations in Kentucky include more than 10,000 employees, which includes 1,000 at its Kentucky operations.

International Logistics, a company that provides services for more than 1,300 businesses and industries, is also in Kentucky.

According to the company, its operations in the state totaled more than $5 billion, including nearly $1 billion from the convention.

Bluegrass Logistics is a regional logistics provider that has more than 8,000 jobs.

The Bluegrass Convention & Expo, which will be held in Lexington from July 15 to 17, is expected to generate more than 18 million dollars in direct economic activity in the Greater Lexington area.

It is expected that the economic impact will be around $2.5 billion in direct and indirect economic activity, including $3 billion in indirect economic impact and $3.5 million in direct tax revenue.

In 2018, Kentucky had a population of about 5.6 million, according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Since the conventions began in 1995, the county has had a net economic impact of $3 million in total.