When it comes to scheduling, it’s your health and safety that matters, says health care provider

When it comes to scheduling, it’s your health and safety that matters, says health care provider

Health care staffing company Logistics Health Inc. says it’s making a difference when it comes time to scheduling visits for the next month.

The company, which was founded in 2008, said it’s used its platform to help companies schedule more than 1,500 appointments this year.

Logistics Health is the first healthcare staffing company to accept Bitcoin.

The startup is currently in beta testing, and is offering a monthly membership with an additional one-time $20 deposit.

Logistics said it can handle up to 1,000 appointments per month.

Logics Health said it is working with health care organizations to ensure they have access to a secure platform to schedule appointments.

According to Logistics, its customers are typically looking for health care professionals who can quickly schedule and meet with patients in their office, hospital, community health center, or nursing home.

The startup has a mobile app that allows users to schedule and schedule appointments remotely and securely, and it also allows users the ability to manage their schedules using the app.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

The team is now working with other healthcare companies to ensure a seamless and secure experience for their employees.

“We believe in transparency,” said Logistics CEO Jason O’Brien.

“When it comes down to scheduling our patients, we have the data to support that.”

The company is working on more integrations with other companies to provide healthcare professionals with more information on the status of their appointments.

It also wants to provide more information about the cost of the procedure.

In the future, the startup plans to add more integrative services for scheduling appointments and other health care related issues, O’Briens said.

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