What’s happening with SALON logistics?

What’s happening with SALON logistics?

Logistics specialist Navy has acquired a $1.4 billion contract with a firm specializing in logistics support for commercial and government customers.

Salon Logistics is the biggest logistics and logistics support company in the United States, according to the firm.

The contract was awarded in September 2018, according the company’s website.

The company has more than 40 locations worldwide and provides support to a variety of government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the National Park Service, the Department for Veterans Affairs and other government agencies.

The US Navy is now using its contract with Salons Logistics to build its fleet of ships.

In a statement, the Navy said the acquisition is “a milestone in our effort to build a Navy capable of protecting America’s vital national security interests at home and abroad.”

The Navy said it will use the fleet of the new vessel, the USS Independence, to provide support for “critical U.S. Naval and commercial interests,” and to assist in the transition to the new Navy carrier, the Nimitz-class.

The Independence, which is currently in the construction phase, is designed to replace the USS Harry S. Truman and will be deployed in 2021.