UK’s Boeing deal for $17bn Boeing Global logistics deal to save British shipyards

UK’s Boeing deal for $17bn Boeing Global logistics deal to save British shipyards

The United Kingdom is reportedly in talks to sell its Boeing Global logistical company to a US shipbuilding giant.

The deal would give US shipbuilders the ability to use UK ships in new projects in the US and in Africa.

Sources say the US shipyards would also get an advantage because Boeing has the largest fleet of ships in the world.

The deal is worth about $17 billion, according to a Bloomberg report.

Britain’s National Maritime Museum and Maritime Heritage has previously announced plans to open a new maritime museum in Hull, in southern England, which would include the shipyard’s Boeing fleet.

Boeing is one of the largest US shipyard companies, having built more than 100,000 ships.

Earlier this month, the company announced a new partnership with a Dutch shipyard, SAB, which will allow it to use British vessels in new work.

A Boeing spokeswoman told Business Insider the new deal would not affect the company’s existing contracts with other US ship builders.

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The museum would be the world’s largest and focus on the development of maritime heritage, the spokeswoman said.

“The museum will be able to use Boeing ships in its new projects and the museum will have a world-class experience of maritime history and heritage,” the spokeswoman added.

However, the spokesperson said the new partnership would not include any work that would directly affect the UK’s shipbuilding industry.