Why the US packer is making the most out of the Brexit referendum

Why the US packer is making the most out of the Brexit referendum

Posted March 08, 2019 09:06:09A UK-based logistics company is making its mark on the international freight market with its new modular shipping platform, which can be used to deliver the same size and weight of goods over long distances, using the same technology.

Key points:The company, Holt, has launched the new platform, the Flex, which it calls “an open-platform system”The Flex, made by UK-headquartered company Flex, is being developed by the US company Lyle-Dyson and is being used to help logistics companies deliver more cheaplyThe Flex can be deployed in the US, Canada and the US Virgin IslandsThe Flex platform can be adapted to be used across the world, from London to Shanghai to Los Angeles and moreThe Flex is a modular system that allows for easy-to-deploy, low-cost, flexible, high-speed shipping options for companies and businesses that need to move huge volumes of goods.

The Flex has been developed by UK based Lyle Dyson and the company has been working on the Flex for about four years, with the company’s CEO saying in a statement the Flex was “a breakthrough solution for logistics companies”.

“The world’s leading logistics company Flex is creating an open-source modular system for shipping and packaging services and logistics to deliver goods over large distances and with minimal disruption,” said Holt’s chief executive, Mike Hollingsworth.

“The modular Flex platform allows for a streamlined, efficient and flexible solution for the delivery of all types of cargo, with a range of features including modularity, energy efficiency, flexible logistics, low cost and energy savings,” he said.

“For example, Flex can allow companies to send the same sized container across multiple continents, including to Asia, where they can deliver it for much less than a similar container that would normally cost millions of dollars.”

Additionally, Flex provides the flexibility to adapt to new market conditions and delivery technologies, as well as being scalable and flexible enough to meet the demands of different business models.””

The flexibility and adaptability of Flex makes it an ideal platform for the logistics industry to grow and adapt to the changing nature of logistics services,” said Hollingsbury.

The company said Flex would be available to any company that wanted to develop its own flexible logistics solutions.

It was also announced today that Holt was partnering with US logistics giant Lyle to develop and market Flex in the United States.”

We’re very pleased to partner with Lyle and are very excited about the opportunity to use their expertise to help develop Flex in our industry,” said Lyle’s CEO, David M. Schmitt.”

Lyle-dyson is a world leader in high-capacity container logistics and has a proven track record in the field of containerization, and we look forward to supporting Flex as we work to expand our customer base,” he added.

The US-based company, which employs 1,000 people, said Flex could be adapted for the US and Canada as well.”

The Flex will be available from Lyle, Flex and other companies.”

With Flex, we can use existing Lyle shipping platform infrastructure and design Flex to be fully modular and adaptable to a wide range of environments and customer needs.”

The Flex will be available from Lyle, Flex and other companies.