What is the highest-paid employee in your firm?

What is the highest-paid employee in your firm?

I don’t think we’re just talking about the highest paid executive or even the top paid executive in the world.

I think we are talking about an individual.

If you look at the salary charts, I don.

I mean, you can make a very good argument that if you look to the top 50 or 60, the median executive, the average salary for an executive is $10 million.

That’s not the highest.

It’s not even close.

That is an individual, it’s not a company.

So, I think that’s a fair statement.

If we’re looking at the average, that is a pretty low salary, so we are actually not seeing the highest pay for the person that actually makes that decision.

Now, this is not to say that the person who is actually in charge, the CEO, is making that decision, it is to say if you are not a super-executive, it doesn’t really mean that they make the decisions.

And so, I mean I don`t think we have any idea what the top executive at the company makes, which is a very interesting question.

So this is a difficult question.

And I think the CEO is responsible for a lot of the decisions, right?

They are the ones who make those decisions.

So it is not as if the CEO just makes those decisions and then the rest of the people who are working for the company make decisions.

I do think that that`s a fair assessment.

I really do.

I`m not sure that the CEOs of major corporations do have that responsibility.

And that is something that I think should be addressed.

And, you know, I can just look at what we`re talking about.

I can look at, for example, what happened in a company like, say, Google.

I will look at that.

Google had an extremely high-ranking executive for almost 20 years, and he had $25 million in his compensation package, right, and it was very well paid, right.

And Google was a very large company, and when that executive left, Google went bankrupt.

And a lot had to go down with the company, right — and Google has been profitable since.

So he had an incredible salary, and they`re very lucky to have him.

But when he left, the stock price of Google went down by almost a third, right when Google went public.

And the stock went down in the same day that Google went into bankruptcy.

So there was a tremendous amount of financial stress on the company and a tremendous loss of revenue.

And there was an executive who left at the end of his contract, and the CEO said, well, we can’t have him on the team anymore.

So they had to fire him, and now the CEO says, well if you want him on your team, let`s just fire him.

So the CEO made the decision that he had to let him go, and you`re going to lose money because you can`t compete with Google anymore.

And you`ll have a much higher stock price in the company.

That`s why I think it is so important for a CEO to make the right decisions and the right people, right?, I think this is something you`ve got to address, because the CEO will be the one that makes the decisions in the long run.

So what do you think?

Are we seeing a trend?

Or are we seeing the reverse?

Let me know in the comments.

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