Everest rescuers scramble to save stranded climbers

Everest rescuers scramble to save stranded climbers

In Nepal, rescuers scrambled to rescue climbers from a remote mountain as they desperately tried to reach a stranded group of six people who had plunged more than 3,000 feet down to their deaths.

As the climbers tried to flee the mountainside, their efforts were hampered by the heat and cold.

In India, the Nepalese Mount Everest rescue team was scrambled to help, with helicopters swooping in to rescue the injured climbers.

A rescue team, which included a helicopter and two fire engines, was sent to the scene, the Times of Indian news agency reported.

The rescue effort included helicopters, fire trucks, two fire boats and a rescue vessel, and several helicopters were sent to help with the rescue.

Meanwhile, a search and rescue operation was being carried out by the Indian Army and the Indian Coast Guard.

According to reports, one person has died, three others have been taken to hospitals and the injured were brought to Kathmandu.

Nepal, a landlocked country in northern Nepal, is in the midst of a winter of cold and snow.

It is the third-coldest winter in the country’s history, according to the UN’s World Meteorological Organization.