‘A little girl’s life saved’: The ‘miracle’ of a toddler’s death

‘A little girl’s life saved’: The ‘miracle’ of a toddler’s death

By Emily Kaplan, NBC News New York, New York By Emily Kapla, NBC Sports Staff WriterIn New York City, there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone with a medical condition or a loved one suffering from it.

But you may not have heard of an accident that could save a child.

The story of a 4-year-old girl in the city’s Central Park who was born with Down syndrome and was born without the hearing and vision of her siblings is a rare story that illustrates the power of parents and the kindness of strangers.

But as with the other stories that we tell on this site, there are many, many stories like this that we can tell, and that we hope you will share with your friends and family.

In the spring of 2017, at 6 months old, the little girl had a stroke.

She was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at just five months of age and was taken from her parents to the Children’s Hospital in Manhattan.

At this point, the hospital was struggling to find a pediatrician to take her.

The hospital’s pediatric neurologist was on the verge of quitting, but she was able to find an obstetrician and gynecologist to take the baby to the hospital.

A child born with a life-threatening medical conditionThe doctors took the baby from the hospital and took her to the emergency room.

They said she had a severe stroke and that she would have to be put on ventilators.

It was a very complicated situation.

They put her on the ventilator, but the nurses were having a hard time breathing.

She had to be sedated.

They had to cut her head off and put it in a box.

When the vent is closed, she’s able to breathe.

The baby was on ventillators.

It took a few days for the doctors to figure out that the baby was born preterm.

The doctor said, “The baby’s life is in danger.”

They started working with the parents to find out if she was born prematurely and what would happen to her.

At the hospital, they told the parents that if they didn’t make a decision by the end of the day, they would remove the baby and have the baby put on a ventilating device.

But the parents said, we’ll be OK.

And they were OK with it.

They said, the baby’s breathing is normal.

And the parents had to go to the NICU.

They were there for the rest of the first two days, because they thought she was still breathing.

They decided not to go back to the neonatal intensive care unit because the neonatologist said that she was dying.

And she was dead.

She was born in the hospital NICU at six weeks old.

That was the end.

She died on her own.

The doctors said they didn, because the baby wouldn’t be able to survive on its own.

And that was the beginning of a whole new life.

The parents went to the doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York.

They went to see the doctors, the neonographers, and the neurologists who were there to try to figure it out.

They came back with a new diagnosis.

She’s not going to survive.

They told them that they could go back in and do a thoracotomy.

The doctors did that and found that she could survive on her ventilated ventilatory unit.

She started breathing again, but then she started dying.

She passed away a couple of weeks later.

That’s when I learned about Down syndrome.

She lived a normal life and was going to be a normal baby.

It’s a very rare condition that we didn’t know anything about, but we had a baby born with it at the time.

I thought about it.

What are the odds that my daughter would have survived, but not me?

What would be the odds of someone else having a baby with Down Syndrome, but who wasn’t a parent or loved one?

We have all heard the story about the guy who came to see me at NYU and said, I just have this child who has Down syndrome, and I’m going to give her to my son.

I’ve heard this story a million times.

You think, well, maybe my daughter is just lucky, or maybe she’s a genius.

But we are living in a time in which people have a hard life, people are getting married or dying.

And we have the best and brightest in the world.

You know, there is nothing better than a kid who has the potential to be something special.

And you wonder, who is going to do the best?

I just thought about this.

I went back to NYU Langones and saw this girl who was very happy, who loved her baby, and who was also a very intelligent child.

She didn’t even realize that her baby was Down.

She wasn’t even aware of it until she had the baby. But she

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