What to expect from Milan’s clash with Fiorentina

What to expect from Milan’s clash with Fiorentina

On the eve of Milan’s Champions League quarterfinal with Fiortone, the Rossoneri are expecting to host the Italian champions on Wednesday.

The two clubs will face off in the first leg of the semi-final at the Stadio Olimpico, where they will face Juventus on Tuesday evening.

It has been announced that both clubs have been given an extra day to prepare for the encounter.

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm, the match time for the semi, with the start of the match being scheduled for 8pm local time (8.30am BST).

The encounter will be the third time Milan will be able to face Fiorence in the Champions League, having played them in the group stages last year and the last time they faced them in Serie A, in the semi final last season.

The draw for the first Leg of the semifinal, which will take the form of a 2-2 draw, has been made following a review of the Leg 1 draw.

Milan will host Fiorendina, while Fiorena will play Napoli in the second leg of their meeting. 

In addition to Milan, the draw for both Leg 1 ties will be made by the Leg 2 winner. 

The Milan-Fiorentine leg will be played on Tuesday, April 1, at 10.00am local time, while the Napoli-Fiordina leg will take a different format. 

Milan are hoping to start the match with a bang and will be looking to avenge their 1-0 defeat to Fiorenòs Giampiero Bonaventura last Saturday. 

Juventus and Fiorennòn are both hoping to extend their Serie A run, which was cut to just four matches from the 11 the season before. 

Both teams have been without key players for some time, as Giampiello Bonaventure and Gianluca Di Marzio are on international duty with Italy, while Sergio Marchisio is suspended. 

Fiorence are without their captain and captain of the defence Giuseppe Mezutini, while Andrea Pirlo, Mario Gomez, and the squad of Milan defenders have been missing. 

With Milan missing their captain in the middle of the field, Mezitini will be replaced by Stefano Mauri, a former member of the Serie A side, who will make his first start for Fiorencia in the competition. 

On the other side, the Juventus squad has been without two key players, Alessandro Florenzi and Simone Zaza.

Florenza and Zaza are both on international duties and will return to Turin, while Mezini is a substitute for Fiorenzo’s Giuseppini. 

There will be a few changes in the starting XI for the Leg 3 tie. 

Vincent Mariani and Andrea Barzagli will be starting on the left side of the midfield, while Davide Santon will be playing in the center of defence. 

Mauri will be partnered by Mario Gomez on the right side of defence, while Zaza will play as a central midfielder in the midfield. 

Lazio’s Marco Tardelli and Andrea Pisanu will also be starting in the positions they have been for the past three games, while Alessandro Nesta will start in the left wing-back position. 

 Milano will have to win the Leg 5 tie for first place in the Serie Adelante. 

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