Why do Milan have the best quality of logistics?

Why do Milan have the best quality of logistics?

Parma are the only side in the Italian Serie A to have the highest level of logistics staff, with over 60 employees.

They have over 5,000 staff across their entire operation and this figure is expected to grow with the addition of a new stadium.

Parma have also been the only team in the league to have a full-time manager for the past two seasons.

In the last year, the club has invested around $1 million in their logistics department.

The staff also includes several former Parma players, many of whom are currently working in the hospitality industry.

One of these is Antonio Pizzi, who was the first person on staff when Parma won the 2014/15 Europa League.

Pizzis father was a Parma scout, and as such, the family are currently part of the logistics team.

The other key person is Antonio Sperini, a former Pazzi assistant coach and now the technical director of the Italian league.

It is no coincidence that the two most influential people on the logistics side of things are the sons of the former coach.