How to read a QR code

How to read a QR code

RLS Logistics is one of the world’s largest logistics companies, but its main operation is in China, where it is the largest logistics provider.

It has a $3 billion contract to supply logistics for the World Cup, and has about a dozen employees there.

RLS is also the logistics company behind the RSL, the RLCS and the RNS.

The company uses a variety of technologies, including the QR code, to automate the logistics of the World Cups.

It is also an important partner for RSL Logistics.

Last year, RLS also helped run a drone-traffic monitoring system, which uses drones to track and report on the traffic flow at major events.

RSL is also a major sponsor of the Chinese government, which is trying to modernize its infrastructure and make it more reliable.

China’s RSL has been a big part of the government’s efforts to make sure its transportation system is up to the standards required for the games.