American Conservatives: Trump: ‘It’s about the economy’

American Conservatives: Trump: ‘It’s about the economy’

The American Conservatives, a conservative think tank, published a scathing editorial on Tuesday slamming the Republican Party for not doing enough to help the middle class.

The magazine says Trump’s tax cuts would cost the economy about $500 billion, “while the tax cuts for the rich would add $1.5 trillion to the deficit and add another $400 billion to the debt over 10 years.”

The group also says Trump has promised to slash taxes for wealthy Americans, including himself, and they have no idea what kind of tax cuts he would offer.

The Republican National Committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The group says Trump is “dangerously wrong” on trade, immigration and other issues and that “we can’t trust Trump.”

In a separate editorial, the group calls for an end to the war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war, the wars in Afghanistan and Syria, and the drone wars in Yemen and Somalia.

The editorial, which was published in the National Review, was published ahead of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“We must stop the wars, end the war on drugs, end all of this foreign interventionism, and replace it with an America First agenda,” it reads.

“Trump, by contrast, is too timid and too partisan to achieve any of these things.

His proposals would create more instability and waste billions of dollars, while leaving the country worse off than when the first Bush administration took office.

We can’t let him take the country into another war and another presidency without doing more to protect the American people and our economy.”

The American conservatives also say Trump’s proposed budget would be “devastating” to the middle classes, with the wealthy being hurt the most.

They say the budget would increase taxes on businesses by $1 trillion over the next decade and $400 trillion over 10 decades.

The American conservative thinks Trump is the best choice for president because he would be able to create jobs, cut spending and “end the wars.”

They also said Trump’s plan to end the wars would hurt the economy by “cutting jobs, jobs and more jobs” while the American conservatives believe that the war would hurt Trump and the GOP by creating a “national debt” that would grow as time goes on.

“As the budget gets closer, the American conservative should start to question his own policy,” the editorial reads.