George’s RV park has a $2M upgrade plan

George’s RV park has a $2M upgrade plan

A George’s logistics rental store is upgrading to a larger, better-equipped facility and is expanding to four locations.

George’s RV rental business in the area is expanding with the purchase of a building at 918 E. Franklin St. on Thursday.

A $2 million renovation project was announced earlier this year, but it hasn’t been completed.

It’s expected to be finished by June 2020.

“We are pleased to announce that the remodel is coming to fruition,” George’s President and CEO Tom Janssen said in a statement.

“We will now be able to deliver a more comfortable and more professional environment for our customers.”

Janssen added that the new facility is the largest in the business and is the newest addition to the company’s growing fleet.

The company has expanded its fleet of more than 1,300 vehicles in the past year.

In addition to rental trucks, the company operates RV-type camping trailers and van trailers, camping gear, RV storage, RV trailers and RV-style camping vehicles.

A number of new George’s locations are also opening up, including two locations in St. George and three locations in Eugene.