India-US talks on gas exports: Report

India-US talks on gas exports: Report

India is planning to begin selling gas to the US on a phased basis and it wants to sell gas from its new strategic gas field, which it has not yet identified.

Sources in India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas said the government was working on a plan to export liquefied natural gas from the newly developed LNG field to the United States.

The US is India’s biggest gas supplier and has long been seeking to diversify away from its dependence on Russian gas.

The US has been in talks with India to explore alternative supplies of gas from LNG and shale gas, but the government has not announced any new projects.

Sources said the ministry is also exploring the possibility of selling gas from India’s new gas-rich fields in the Himalayas.

They added that the ministry was also considering selling liquefy gas from these fields, and a decision was expected to be made in the near future.